URL: https://www.schrodinger.com/glide/

Licence: Proprietary

Glide is an exhaustive search based docking program for predicting protein-ligand binding modes and ranking ligands via high-throughput virtual screening. It is developed and sold by the Schrödinger.

Glide approximates a complete search of the conformational, orientational, and positional space of the ligand in a given receptor. The main advantage of Glide lies in the option of choosing various scoring functions that correspond to different speed vs. accuracy options such as the HTVS (high-throughput virtual screening) mode for enriching libraries with millions of compounds, to the SP (standard precision) mode for reliably docking tens to hundreds of thousands of ligands with high accuracy, to the XP (extra precision) mode where further elimination of false positives is accomplished by more extensive sampling and advanced scoring.