Please download data file here: KIND dataset (uploaded on 2020-12-14).

The kinetic dataset KIND (KINetic Dataset) contains a total of 3812 structures and their kinetic data triplets (konkoffKD). It has been compiled from 21 publications and the K4DD database. For the literature search, only papers containing numerical values for all three parameters investigated (KDkon and koff) were selected. Moreover, papers reporting data for less than 10 compounds were excluded from the analysis. Furthermore, KIND contains the indication of the clinical phase the molecule has reached.

The dataset can be found on the here


A structure–kinetic relationship study using matched molecular pair analysis
D. A. Schuetz and L. Richter and R. Martini and G. F. Ecker
RSC Med. Chem.  11  1285-1294  (2020)